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Our Aim at Fast2Hosting is to provide web hosting solutions, domain names. We provide Managed web hosting services at affordable prices.

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How Much is the Renewal Fee?

Many hosting companies offer a low rate for new customers, but there is usually a catch or two. The low price the hosting company offers, often comes with strings attached, for example, you need to sign up for a minimum 12 months of their hosting service. A majority of customers don’t have a problem with this – they see their website sticking around for much longer than 12 months anyway.

It doesn’t matter how experienced a developer you are, at some point you are going to have problems with your service. Some problems will be obvious, such as a database that isn’t loading correctly on your website. Other problems are a bit more ambiguous, such as a website running slowly on specific browsers. Then you have problems that are out of your control, such as server outages. When this happens, you want a service that provides excellent support. For those of us who are not tech geniuses, you want help that can break things down into layman’s terms. Many companies only offer email support or an online ticketing system. The best services provide 24/7 online chat support and telephone support. Anything less and you may find yourself stuck when your site goes offline at 2 am.

Inquire on your host’s security policies. What are the size of their encryption keys for data? Are they using 128-bit or 256-bit encryption? While both provide impressive security, 256-bit keys are considered military grade encryption and impossible to crack. If you run an e-commerce site or store any sensitive data on your site, you need SSL certificate support. SSL certificates create secure connections between your site and your customer’s computer. The certificate then encrypts all data to make data transmissions uncrackable. If you are accepting credit card payments, make sure they offer TLS v1.1 or better. Transport Layer Security (TLS) offers a level of encryption superior to SSL and is used to safeguard your customer’s payment data. It is now the standard for online payments starting in June 2018. Also, do the servers regularly scan for malware, ransomware, and other online threats? This ensures that someone else’s site on the server doesn’t infect yours and start distributing software to your visitors.

When your website is down, you lose traffic. You want a company that guarantees their uptime. The best companies will offer 99.99% uptime or better. If a company is unable to meet their uptime guarantee, how are you compensated? Companies that are not willing to back up their guarantee with any compensation (either refund or additional hosting time) should be avoided.